This is the official website for Seattle Mini Maker Faire!  Mark your calendars for June 2nd and 3rd, 2012!

Next we need to post the form for Makers to apply for a spot at the Seattle Center to display your creations, share your skills, meet fellow makers, teach workshops, and sell kits!

In a few months we will post the link to purchase tickets to attend Seattle Mini Maker Faire.  Tickets will be available online from Event Brite and also at the door of the event.

Let this be a gentle reminder to step away from the internet and go make something.  Put on your safety glasses, warm up your glue guns or soldering irons, and tinker with stuff!  Even if the only thing you make is a mess.  The things you learn making a mess today are the skills you leverage to make something amazing tomorrow.  It’s the process that counts.

-Christin Boyd, Event Producer, Seattle Mini Maker Faire