Meet the engineering students of WOOF at Seattle Mini Maker Faire!  The Washington Open Object Fabricators (WOOF) is a collaborative and cross-disciplinary group of the University of Washington’s finest engineering students who are dedicated to the advancement of 3D printing technology. Their primary focus is to educate the UW community on additive manufacturing and leverage the collective knowledge of the student body to develop and use 3D printing for the creative, economic, and social benefit of all.

3D printer at UW

Accessibility to 3D printing at the individual-level will lower barriers to innovation and ultimately change the way people live, work, and create. 3D printing means faster prototyping, unbounded creativity, reduced carbon footprint, and a world where people have greater accessibility to the products they need. At our booth, we will showcase hardware innovations that reflect this vision. Imagine a portable 3D printer that is the size of toaster. Or imagine a 3D printer that can fabricate edible and delectable frosted treats. You are likely to see these innovations and more at Seattle Mini Maker Faire 2012.   

WOOF has several exciting projects coming up in the near-term. They will be demonstrating the impact that 3D printing will have  environmental sustainability by entering the Seafair Milk Carton Derby this July.  WOOF will fabricate a 3D printer that is capable of “printing out” a full-sized boat using recycled HDPE plastic from milk jugs.

WOOF is brainstorming ways to utilize 3D printing technology to improve sustainability and reduce poverty in underdeveloped countries. To learn more, please visit WOOF on Facebook at

Screwless Heart Gears by Emmett Lalish

In addition to the UW WOOF booth at Seattle Mini Maker Faire, you will also find 3D printers at the booths of Vulcan 3D Printing and Metrix Create: Space!

Do you want to try printing something on a 3D printer without investing in your own RepRap or MakerBot?  Then head over to Metrix Create: Space any day between noon and midnight!

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