Looking for something to do this summer? Are you itching for something interactive, unique and exciting to do with your family and friends? Well come and check out the Seatttle Mini-Maker Faire June 8th and 9th from 10 am to 6 pm! There will be over 60 interesting and exciting projects using some really cool technologies that you can play with! For example:

Experience VRcade, full motion gaming.  Co-creator Jamie Kelly describes the experience as “a virtual-reality arcade platform that allows players to wear a 3-D headset and surround sound headphones while having every inch of your body tracked and placed inside of a video game. The set up requires a truss system with motion capture cameras and several computers. Players will be fully immersed in the virtual world and will be able to shoot targets, monsters, and interact in a wide variety of ways in a number of different scenarios. Players can move, duck, jump, and run just like they would do in real life. Their appearance can be anything, from a fantasy creature to someone resembling their own likeness. Props such as swords and guns are also tracked in real time.”

Another project at Seattle Mini Maker Faire lets you check out history through the lens of stop-motion animation, where you’ll get to “work in teams and use critical thinking and problem solving skills to develop 21st century skills with new technology and stop-motion animation. This project lets you  learn by bringing the world to life, instead of watching the world through video games and books,” says James Ewing, creator of the “If I Had a Time Machine: eMagination Animation Project.” For all of you interested in time travel, history, or stop-motion animation, this is the project for you!

Finally, if you’re a big concert-goer and love experiencing the different light schemes at shows, then you’d have a blast getting to play around on an actual concert light board, pushing buttons and getting to watch different lasers interact! Come visit Christopher and Alex’s project “Photon Funtimes,” where you just might get inspired getting to see how putting on a light show works!

Photon Funtimes

Photon Funtimes

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