Block Printing and More! at West Seattle Tool Library

Block Printing and More! at West Seattle Tool Library

If you’re looking for something active and artistic to do with your family this summer, come stop by the Seattle Mini Maker Faire this June 8th and 9th! This faire will feature several projects that will allow you to experiment with all kinds of material in order to make that perfect gadget or toy.

For example, at the project, “Block Printing and More,” adults and children will be able to make their own artwork and buttons using handmade woodblocks! Also, while other adults and children are busy crafting away, you can even get a chance to take a tour of West Seattle Tool Library’s mobile tool lending trailer, where you can “learn more about the concept of tool lending libraries and some of the various programs, workshops and a sampling of what our members have created. Some featured items on display include a solar powered chicken coup, automated slide duplicator, beer making equipment and a multiple firing paper rocket launcher!” says Greg Kono, representative of West Seattle Tool Library. This is the perfect opportunity to learn about what tool markets can provide you with as well as make some sustainable, useful, and fun creations of your own!

Pop and Print! Book

Pop and Print! Book

If you like books, come check out “Pop and Print!” “This is a walk-in project where tools, materials, and templates will be provided to make a small, one page book or pop-up card, and all materials will be from recycled books, magazines, paper and other found materials, and it’s extremely family friendly!” says Amber Chiozza of Pop and Print.  The workshop will cover accordion fold books, basic pop-up structures, and tunnel books, and is a fantastic way to create unique styles of books or cards using the handy pop-up structural technique!

Finally, for those of you who love to play with your gadgets and toys, come visit “Smarthinks,” where you will be able to create your own toys for under ten dollars each! Experiment with designing such toys as “Safe Flamethrowers,” Folding Travel Ukuleles, Water-Squirting Harry Potter Wands, and Singing Best Friend Rings among others. If you’re the hands-on, off-beat creative type with several zany and wonderful ideas, this is the place you need to check out!

Whether you’re the artsy literature type, the daring, off-beat creative type, or, you simply love to build things, come visit the Seattle Mini Maker Faire tomorrow and Sunday from 10am-6pm! It has something for everyone to enjoy and you won’t leave feeling disappointed!

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  • Vanessa Lee says:

    Hi, my son and I are trying to find the website for the person who had the water-squirting Harry Potter wands (and lots of other cool Harry Potter stuff). I thought I picked up a card from her but can’t find it. Is there a list of makers somewhere? Thank you!

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