Seattle Mini Maker Faire is only three months away, but if you can’t wait to start tinkering, building, inventing, or creating, the National Week of Making (#WeekofMaking) kicks off on June 16. Organized by the nonprofit organization Nation of Makers, the week will highlight the diversity of Makers big and small, young and old, urban and rural, throughout the country. Makers are encouraged to participate in activities taking place in their local communities to celebrate the innovation, ingenuity, and creativity of Makers.

As part of the national week of making, Seattle’s SoDo Maker Space is hosting the LipSync Buildathon, Sunday June 18, 10:00am–4:30pm. The Buildathon “connects a person with a disability to makers” to build the LipSync, an open source assistive technology, which enables a person with no use of their hands to use a touchscreen device with a mouth-operated joystick that controls an onscreen cursor.

Teams will be given tools and parts, then work together to assemble, solder, 3D-print components, transfer the code onto an Arduino board, and mount the device to a wheelchair. The teams will be supported by the LipSync creators, the Neil Squire Society, and their new program, Makers Making Change: connecting makers to people with disabilities to create open-source assistive technologies.

National Week of Making runs until June 22. Learn more at For more on the LipSync Buildathon, visit the Sodo Makerspace website.

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