Seattle Mini Maker Faire is just two months away, and we’re thrilled to introduce you to our Maker Faire intern, Ethan.

Ethan is the youngest producer of a Maker Faire in the world. As a junior in high school, he organized and produced the first Wenatchee Mini Maker Faire. The Wenatchee faire is now in its third consecutive year, and Ethan has handed leadership to a new group of high schoolers each year since its creation, keeping the event entirely student run.

Ethan currently attends the University of Washington pursuing a degree in informatics. In his free time he likes to work on innovative projects in the developing maker spaces at UW. Currently he is experimenting with woodworking projects that integrate electronics with wooden construction. He is excited to join the Seattle Mini Maker Faire team because he loves the Maker Movement and everything it represents. He is especially excited to see how he can contribute to the vibrant and well-known Seattle Maker community, and he looks forward to serving as part of the team that helps bring attention to those makers.

Check back on the blog often! Ethan will be sharing exclusive interviews with some of this year’s Makers leading up to the Faire on September 16 and 17.

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