Death Star 2000

Presented by: Anantika Mannby (Mercer Island, WA)

This project is a complex mechanical, electrical, and software design depicting a 3-ft. buckyball virus, with changing translucent colors and antigens that extend and contract using homemade linear actuators. It is a unique, beautiful work of art and engineering, and shows off many lessons of precise engineering, crazy ingenuity, and fun. It is hands-on for kids to play with changing colors and extending and retracting arms.

Mannby will also be showcasing her other “terrifying” project “Bluthe, a 6’X4’X3′ Theo-Jansen-inspired animatronic robot that has an articulated neck, moving head and jaws, eyes that swivel, flash and blink, and a maw that breathes fire.

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