Let’s Make Rockets!

Presented by: Pacific Science Center’s Tinker Tank (Seattle, WA)

Pacific Science Center’s Tinker Tank is founded on the idea of iterating and learning through failure. Visitors will have the opportunities to build and design and opportunities for those designs not to work. We want to give visitors the tools they need to keep going, to new approaches, and to be proud of their work. Our staff and volunteers are on hand and eager to help visitors figure out challenges and help explore new ideas together. In Tinker Tank there are no right answers, but only different ways of thinking about a problem.

Our rocket building activity is one of our most popular activity in which we challenge our visitors to design/engineer and build a rocket using a limited supply of tape and paper. Visitors are allowed to test their creations on a foot pump launch pad and make any modifications they choose before making their final launch, using a more powerful pressurized launch pad and bicycle pump system.

Airplanes + Rocketry