“Ouriana’s Meditation”: A Multichannel, Real-Time, Interactive Composition for Music Box, Maxmsp, and Kyma

Sunday, September 18 / 11:15am–11:25am + 12:20pm–12:30pm / JBL Theater

Presenter: Steve Joslin

OURANIA (or Urania) was one of the nine Greek Mousai (Muses), the goddesses of music, song, and dance. Ouriana’s Meditation is an imagined musical work of a Muse. Muses are often credited with helping Artists to create new work, which begs the question: “What inspires a Muse?” In this composition, an enchanted Music Box is transformed into a Data-Driven Instrument to control aspects of the sound. This Music Box shapes the sound and mutates its function over time. A multi-colored light illuminates the Music Box from underneath to assist in creating the illusion of mystique that surrounds the appearance of a Muse. This particular Music Box is a custom Data-Driven Instrument created by Steve for this composition. It uses an accelerometer/gyro and a small button, both connected to an Arduino-mini.

About the Presenter

Steve Joslin performs live as a solo artist with custom interfaces, an ensemble drummer, performer/composer in small dance groups, as well as with his band. He is a visual artist who creates animations and visual effects that are both generated live and interact with his audio compositions. Recent works include an acrylic music box; a light projector for interpreting piano rolls; a video game controller; a brainwave sensor; and a collection of iOS mobile devices. Currently, he is completing work towards a doctor of musical arts degree in Music Performance focusing in data-driven instruments at the University of Oregon.