Robotic Arm in Biotechnology

Presented by: Legion of Bot (Redmond, WA)

Throughout the world, scientists, engineers and makers innovate everyday with the goal of making the world a better, cleaner, and more efficient place. Many spend their time performing repetitive, mundane tasks, manually.  Legion of the Bot wanted to give these scientists more time to engage in productive and innovative tasks and created “Lab Bot.” It’s a robotic arm that assists scientists in the lab. It does the mundane jobs for the scientists. Specifically, the jobs that are repetitive and require precision.

“Lab Bot” is designed like a human arm. It is programmed to pick up liquids using pipettes, transfer them to beakers, and dilute them with a higher degree of accuracy and consistency than humans are capable of. Lab Bot’s flexible design enables it to be repurposed for almost any repetitive task found in labs. The design and source code for “Lab Bot” will be open sourced.