Science in Your Cereal Bowl—and FREE TOYS!

Sunday, September 18 / 4:00pm–4:20pm / JBL Theater

Presenter: Bob Knetzger

See how scientific principles powered six fun “free-inside-the-box” cereal toys–and how you can make your own versions at home. From Bob Knetzger’s book, Make Fun!: Create Your Own Toys, Games, and Amusements, published by Maker Media. Plus, free toys for kids (while supplies last)!

About the Presenter

Bob Knetzger, designer and writer, has delighted millions of kids with his toys and games, ranging from video games to free-inside cereal premiums. His column, “Toy Inventor’s Notebook,” appears regularly in MAKE magazine and his new book Make Fun!: Create Your Own Toys, Games, and Amusements shows you how to make over 40 of your own toys, games, and amusements.