The Walking Beast

Presented by: Moltensteelman Studio (Salem, OR)

The Walking Beast and the Moltensteelman Pyrosaurus came from the imagination and talent of Moltensteelman Studio in Salem, Oregon. The Walking Beast is a seven-ton mech robot that walks on eight legs and stands 11’ tall. Maker Martin Montesano spent over three years designing and building it, and put in over a mile of welds to bring this beautiful and functional creation to life. The skeletal Moltensteelman Pyrosaurus is a small but powerful fire-breathing dragon made of stainless steel and outfitted as a custom propane flame effect device.

The Moltensteelman Studio exhibit will provide a chance to see The Walking Beast in action, and makers will be on hand to answer questions. Visitors can explore the hands-on linkage model of The Walking Beast and a prototype of the 1/24 scale DIY model version that will be available in late 2016.

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