Wearable Artist Spotlight

Sunday, September 18 / 1:00pm–1:30pm / JBL Theater

Moderator: Jacob McMurray (EMP Museum)

Panelists: Terra Holcomb (artist), Chelsea Klukas (makeFashion), Sophy Wong (artist)

Learn more about the magical world of wearable art with an impressive panel of award-winning artists that blend fashion, art, technology, performance, and out-of-this-world ideas into their stunning garments.

About the Presenters

terra_holcombTerra Holcomb is a Pacific Northwest environmental artist who creates ephemeral sculptures and dresses from natural materials. Her works are meditations on life cycles, transformations, and our changing climate. She has refashioned mussel shells into an elaborate gown, flower petals and garden insects into mandalas, leaf dresses that are hung to decay in the forest, and large mossy shelters where visitors can sit inside of. She has given talks about her artistic process at Seattle Town Hall, received awards for her wearable art, and was highlighted in a 2015 Trend Guide in Germany. She can be found in the rainforest on the Olympic Peninsula, the canyons in Tieton, or the recovering forests in Twisp. Fittingly, she was named Terra for being born on the first Earth Day.

chelsea_klukasChelsea Klukas is Co-Founder of MakeFashion, an internationally-acclaimed wearable tech leader transforming the relationship between fashion and technology. MakeFashion has produced more than 100 wearable tech garments and has showcased at more than 60 international events. Klukas was previously Creative Director of Calgary-based startup BeauCoo, which focused on body positivity and improving how women shop socially. In her free time, she’s into video games, fashion design, and making things.

sophy_wongSophy Wong is a designer, maker, and prolific creative. With a bachelor’s in Graphic Design, she has worked as a graphic designer and fashion designer, and is currently the Costume Assistant at Seattle Opera. Her personal projects range from period costumes to Arduino-driven wearable tech. She can be found on her YouTube channel chronicling her adventures in making.