Youth Maker Spotlight

Saturday, September 17 / 1:45pm–2:15pm / JBL Theater

Moderator: Brooks Peck (EMP Museum)

Hear from next gen makers about their latest projects, including Bobby Avery (13-year-old maker of Swood.exe), Dan Joshwa (13-year-old maker of Neurobot 2.0), Anantika Mannby (12-year-old maker of Death Star 2000), Jonathan Smith (10-year-old maker of Axosafe), and Angus Willows (16-year-old maker of a non-tipping sailboat).

About the Presenters

Bobby Avery, inventor of Swood.exe, is a 13-year-old maker from Redmond, WA. Have you ever wanted to hear “Uptown Funk” performed by cats? Or the “Ode to Joy” sung using a chorus of fart sounds? Avery’s project, Swood.exe, lets visitors make music with any sound—a spoken word, animal noise, sound effects, etc. Visitors can press a button, record a sound, and then use a piano keyboard to play it back on each key.

dan-joshwaDan Joshwa, inventor of Neurobot 2.0, is a 13-year-old maker from Everett, WA. The neurobot is a robot that can run forwards or backwards depending on the focus of the user. At the booth there will be two Neurobot 2.0s. Two people can use one neurobot each and challenge each other to either a race or a battle!

anantika_mannbyAnantika Mannby, inventor of Death Star 2000, is a 12-year-old maker from Mercer Island, WA. This project is a complex mechanical, electrical, and software design depicting a 3-ft. buckyball virus, with changing translucent colors and antigens that extend and contract using homemade linear actuators. It is a unique, beautiful work of art and engineering, and shows off many lessons of precise engineering, crazy ingenuity, and fun. It is hands-on for kids to play with changing colors and extending and retracting arms.

Jonathan Smith, inventor of Axosafe, is a 10-year-old maker from Bellevue, WA. Axosafe is a project inspired by a love for the Axolotl salamander. This 3D printed filter “Stream,” is an attachment for most hang-on back filters. Stream helps make the water flow gently and safe for Axolotls and other fish.

Angus Willows, inventor of a non-tipping sailboat, is a 16-year-old maker from Seattle. His sailboat uses a unique and unusual mechanical design to prevent the normal tipping that occurs in a regular sailboat when the wind hits the sail, allowing it to go faster and sail more efficiently.