Bluthe at Seattle Mini Maker Faire

Bluthe is a “terrifying” six-foot tall Theo Jansen-inspired animatronic robot with an articulated neck; moving head and jaws; eyes that swivel, flash and blink; and a mouth that breathes fire created by 12-year-old Anantika Mannby for the 2016 Seattle Mini Maker Faire.

One of most incredible things about Maker Faire is the range of projects and makers. From youth makers to makers representing major tech companies in the area, everyone is a maker and can learn and be inspired by the range of projects.

Don’t hesitate if you are thinking about applying!

Maker Faire audiences are enthusiastic and want to see and talk about all kinds of projects! Whatever it is you like to make, we encourage everyone to show it off to more than 6,000 enthusiastic attendees at Seattle Mini Maker Faire. We can’t wait to see what you do.  Apply by June 26!

Apply for Seattle Mini Maker Faire

Here are a few examples of the wide range of projects from the past:


Makeroloist Stranger Things at Seattle Mini Maker Faire

Stranger IOThings Wall, created by Makerologist, is a replica of the alphabet wall from the hit Netflix TV series, Stranger Things. Attendees can spell out messages on the wall using a mobile application. This popular installation was displayed at last year’s Mini Maker Faires in Portland and Seattle, has made appearances at MoPoP events, and was featured in MAKE Magazine.


Hovercart at Seattle Mini Maker Faire

In 2015, 10-year-old Aditi Mannby (Bluthe maker Anantika Mannby’s sister) brought the hover cart: a motorized creation that combined the propulsion and movement methods of hovercraft and electrical ground vehicles. When the hovercraft is active, it lifts the cart’s wheels lift off the ground, and when it is turned off, batteries and an electric motor allow the vehicle to be driven like a go-kart.


Recycled Paper at Seattle Mini Maker Faire

In 2015, Liz Gasper provided a chance for attendees to experience the convergence of art, science, and sustainability as they dipped their fingers in pulp made entirely of clean recycled materials. Guests were invited to make their own gorgeous piece of handmade paper to take home in this hands-on art workshop.


Microsoft piano at Seattle Mini Maker Faire

In 2015, a maker from IoT at Microsoft brought a giant light-up keyboard for guests to play on.


Reclining Figure at Seattle Mini Maker Faire

Artist Ryan Feddersen created an interactive wire frame sculpture. Guests were invited to add colored ribbons throughout the weekend to complete the figure.


Couch Armada at Seattle Mini Maker Faire

One of our favorites! Proving that you can make something awesome out of the everyday, Couch Armada pieced together the guts from two mobility scooters, fifteen meters of RGB strips for lighting, four speakers, and a subwoofer to build the mobile living room piece, Couch Chaisse.

Thank you to all the makers that make our world a better and more exciting, joyful place! We can’t wait to see what you bring to 2017.

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Seattle Mini Maker Faire

Join Seattle Mini Maker Faire and MoPOP at SoDo Makerspace!

Seattle Mini Maker Faire is setting up shop at SoDo Makerspace on Tuesday, April 18 from 7:30pm–9:00pm to celebrate the launch of our Call for Makers 2017!

The evening is free to the public and will begin with a tour of SoDo Makerspace before moving into a casual meetup. Get to know the organizers, network with other makers and SMMF committee members, share your ideas, create your own buttons, enter to win a t-shirt, and leave with some makerific swag. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the Seattle maker community.

Thanks to SoDo Makerspace for hosting us for the night!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017;


SoDo Makerspace
1914-B Occidental Avenue S
Seattle, WA 98134

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Seattle Mini Maker Faire

Whether you work with tech, crafts, cars, robots, sculpture, robots, mad science, or something in between, we want to show it off at the 2017 Seattle Mini Maker Faire!

We’re seeking makers of all ages including individuals, hobbyist groups, schools, non-profit organizations, and commercial businesses. Exhibits that are interactive or highlight the process of making things are especially desired.

As you prepare to apply for the Call for Makers, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

  • Be descriptive as possible about your project
  • Think about what your exhibit space will require to run
  • Provide good photos or video content, if available
  • Ask questions if you’re not sure about something (contact us)

See you at the Seattle Mini Maker Faire September 16-17 at MoPOP.

Application Deadline: June 26, 2017

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Maker Faire weekend is finally here! As we head into this two-day celebration of inspiring inventions and DIY projects emerging from our region, a few reminders on what to bring:

  • Your tickets, printed for expedited entry
  • The right outdoor gear, as a lot of the event is outside
  • Friends! They can still get tickets or pre-purchase day-of tickets before the event
  • For those especially prepared: a must-see list of makers and presentations to visit (see our full line-up to get started, or wait to grab a printed program at the event or access our mobile guide at [passcode will be in your program]).

We’ll leave you with some final words from Dale Dougherty, Founder and Executive Director of Maker Media, Inc., on what the maker movement is all about from his presentation at last year’s Maker Faire:

“When you make something, it says something about you—who you are and what you’ve done.

It’s a lot like an art fair, a craft fair, a county fair. A context where people can bring their work, put it in front of you, and then talk to you about it. It’s actually seeing their eyes, seeing their passions, seeing what it means to people to do these things.

The whole idea behind DIY learning is that once you do these things, you stop telling yourself you can’t do them anymore. And yet when we make something, we learn how to do something… we solve a problem. We’re creating a connection to other people.

It’s all about the future. We need to find ways to engage young people in science and technology and the maker movement does just that.”

See you tomorrow! Doors open at 10:00am.

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Sharing a love of making is at the core of the maker movement. A sense of belonging to a larger spirit of building, sharing the things they’re passionate about, and expressing themselves through the things they create is what sets any great maker apart.

A love of sharing is exactly what drives video game artist and Glowforge designer Shell Meggersee-Briggs:


For me being a maker means: Love. I don’t mind how cheesy and unhip that makes me sound, because when I see the faces of my loved ones light up, it’s all worth it. I think a personalized gift is always better than something bought from a store. Something that is handcrafted and customized from someone who knows you, will always mean more to you than something bought from a big box store. If I make something for you, it’s because I genuinely adore you. (more…)

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The history of music and music-making technology has always been intertwined: new and innovative ideas and technologies have consistently provided musicians with inspiration. Show composer a new musical tool, and you can bet they’re going to put it to use.

Don’t miss these innovative music-focused projects at Seattle Mini Maker Faire—they might just be changing how we make, listen to, or interact with music soon!


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In 1817 a German aristocrat put two wheels together consecutively to create the draisine: the first vehicle purposefully built for personal transportation. This would come to be the foundation of the bicycle as we know it today.

Even after all these years, bikes continue to inspire inventors to make new and creative advances in a way that few other devices do.

Check out some of these wacky bike innovations, featured at Seattle Mini Maker Faire:

Elcano Project: Taking Vehicle Automation to Bicycles

elcanoThe self-driving car landscape will not be complete without self-driving bicycles, and the Elcano Project intends to make the technology accessible to hobbyists and students by providing open-source electronics and software.


What if you could have a bicycle, that was sort of like a car, with most of the features and few of the drawbacks? Frankentrikes–human-powered, electric-assist tricycles–are optimized for use in dense urban environments of varied terrain year-round.

Kraken Trike

The Kraken Trike is a medium scale kinetic sculpture/useful vehicle that takes on the form of a large two-front-wheeled electric tricycle. It is built from reclaimed materials including HDPE culvert, steel, and even a childhood bicycle. (more…)

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Wearable art takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary. While fashion typically involves aesthetic considerations, the term wearable art implies that the work is intended to be viewed as a serious and unique artistic creation or statement, in other words: a piece of art, off the wall and onto the body.

Learn more about the magical world of wearable art at Seattle Mini Maker Faire with an impressive panel of award-winning artists using new and innovative methods to create stunning garments: Wearable Artist Spotlight featuring Terra Holcomb (artist), Chelsea Klukas (makeFashion), Mark Mitchell(artist), Sophy Wong (artist)

To see some amazing wearable art pieces up close and in person, you can visit EMP’s World of WearableArt™ exhibit, showcasing 32 award-winning garments from New Zealand’s international design competition. Seattle Mini Maker Faire ticket holders receive discounted EMP Museum admission during the event weekend.

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Using the awesome power of CAD, 3D printing, and the feedback from a globally-distributed network of photographers, Todd Schlemmer has designed and iterated many different pinhole cameras in a variety of film formats. His Schlaboratory open camera and tools inventory continues to grow, providing a worldwide user base with designs to be printed with any 3D printer.


Stop by his booth, Schlem’s 3D Printed Photography, at Seattle Mini Maker Faire to see his cameras in action, and read on to learn more about his road to making: (more…)

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cherdonnaThe maker movement draws concepts and ideas from arts, crafts, and more—sometimes in surprising and unexpected ways. Jody Kuehner, a Seattle-based dance artist and director, is doing just that with her drag queen persona Cherdonna Shinatra.

Part bio drag queen, part contemporary dance, and part performance art, Cherdonna Shinatra, as she describes, “takes what you recognize about dance, what you believe about drag, what intrigues you about improvisation, and what delights you about entertainment” and “tosses it into a mason jar, shakes it up, and opens the lid.”

Join The Stranger Genius Award-winning dance artist for a talk and demo at Seattle Mini Maker Faire about how this unique persona came to life (Saturday, September 17; 3:10pm-3:30pm). Following the presentation, you can take a tour of the event and explore the exhibits from Cherdonna’s playful perspective.

Check out our full schedule for all exciting performances and presentations.

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