Here are just a few of the many workshops and activities at Seattle Mini Maker Faire 2012!

Cascade Science Squad

Cascades Science Center Foundation is a non-profit foundation dedicated to sparking children’s interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) through hands-on activities that stimulate creativity, encourage exploration and inspire active learning for children to unlock their full potential.  At the Seattle Mini Maker Faire, the kids will have an opportunity to participate in fun science activities led by the volunteers of the foundation.

Cascade Science Squad - Real Science Real Fun!

Joy Guild’s Creative Reuse Challenge

The Joy Guild is a village of creative-minded people who seek fun, playfulness, and inspiration to live a happy life. Our programs encourage exploration through an artist’s lens and learning-by-adventure. We’re excited to be part of the creative reuse movement, turning found objects, scraps, and seemingly useless materials into something new and functional, instead of adding to an ever-growing landfill. Take our Creative Reuse Challenge to build your own guided art project—from toys to textiles to trimmings.


Join the Craft Mob at the Sharecraft booth! We’ll be re-purposing old t-shirts to make new, usable tote bags which will be donated to a local charity. Or for a donation, you can take the tote bag home with you!  Bring your favorite old t-shirt, or shirts that your kids have outgrown, and repurpose the fabric, the graphics and the images on the shirt to make a keepsake tote bag!

Solder Station

Learn to solder, or refresh old skills with the soldering iron at the Solder Station!  Multiple vendors will sell kits and projects at Seattle Mini Maker Faire.  Have a seat at the Solder Station and one of the knowledgeable volunteers will help you get started.  Volunteers at the Solder Station come from many local hacker spaces including Jigsaw Renaissance, Emerald City Makers, and more!

Straw Rockets

Make your own rocket out of paper and tape, then launch it into the air with pneumatics!  Yeah, that’s right, pneumatics!

Inspinity Hula Hoops

We are Ashley and Penny, and we are Hula Hoop enthusiasts. We have created Inspinity to share our sport with the world! When kids and adults of all ages see our colorful hoops they are entranced with curiosity and compelled to join in the fun of hula hooping. It is such a fun activity you can do almost anywhere if you have enough room, and whether you can do tricks or just enjoy a core work out, hula hooping can be enjoyed by anyone. Our passion comes from the magic of hula hooping that can turn any inflexible adult back into a child with just one rotation of the hoop, to see them smiling and laughing, even though they may not get the motion of hooping right the first time.

West Seattle Fixers and Makers

The West Seattle Fixers and Makers will  display  wood carvings, paddles, canoe, sculptures from recycled materials and unique appliances that have been repaired by our Fixers’ Collective.

In addition to the displays, we will offer activities for visitors to do during the event; such as making their own mini sewing or tool kit, taking apart broken tools and trying to diagnose why it doesn’t work, and exploring creative uses for PVC fittings and tubing.

Light Symphony by University Child Development School

At the Light Symphony booth, you can program an Arduino to play musical tones with light!  Visitors will be able to send a light signal to a modified fiber optic receiver board that converts the light signal to sound.  By recording that sound to a mobile device or computer you can then attach a small LED box we made (and visitors will get a chance to prototype) to the audio output. The light box will blink and fade to the beat of the melody.  The UCDS Technology Specialist and some of the fourth and fifth grade students who created, built and recorded this project will be present to help guide and demonstrate visitors through their process.


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