Seattle Mini Maker Faire invites young makers-in-training to enter a world of innovation and imagination. If you can dream it, you can build it! These young makers, featured in the upcoming Faire, are proving just what a little creativity can produce when paired with a big idea:

Anantika Mannby is a 12-year-old maker from Mercer Island, WA. Her project, Death Star 2000, is a complex mechanical, electrical, and software design depicting a 3-ft. buckyball virus. Mannby will also be showcasing her other “terrifying” project Blute, a 6’x4’x4’ Theo-Jansen inspired animatronic robot that has an articulated neck, moving head and jaws, eyes that swivel, flash, and blink; and a maw that breathes fire.  For Mannby, Maker Faire is a family affair: her sister Aditi Mannby will also be featured this year, presenting her own Hover Cart project.

Find out what inspires these young makers at the Youth Maker Spotlight on Saturday in JBL Theater. Hear from Anantika as well as 13-year-old Bobby Avery, whose Swood.exe lets visitors make music with any sound; 10-year-old Jonathan Smith (Axosafe) who creates 3D-printed fish-friendly products; and 16-year-old Angus Willows, inventor of a non-tipping sailboat.

View other youth maker projects.

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