cherdonnaThe maker movement draws concepts and ideas from arts, crafts, and more—sometimes in surprising and unexpected ways. Jody Kuehner, a Seattle-based dance artist and director, is doing just that with her drag queen persona Cherdonna Shinatra.

Part bio drag queen, part contemporary dance, and part performance art, Cherdonna Shinatra, as she describes, “takes what you recognize about dance, what you believe about drag, what intrigues you about improvisation, and what delights you about entertainment” and “tosses it into a mason jar, shakes it up, and opens the lid.”

Join The Stranger Genius Award-winning dance artist for a talk and demo at Seattle Mini Maker Faire about how this unique persona came to life (Saturday, September 17; 3:10pm-3:30pm). Following the presentation, you can take a tour of the event and explore the exhibits from Cherdonna’s playful perspective.

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