Wearable art takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary. While fashion typically involves aesthetic considerations, the term wearable art implies that the work is intended to be viewed as a serious and unique artistic creation or statement, in other words: a piece of art, off the wall and onto the body.

Learn more about the magical world of wearable art at Seattle Mini Maker Faire with an impressive panel of award-winning artists using new and innovative methods to create stunning garments: Wearable Artist Spotlight featuring Terra Holcomb (artist), Chelsea Klukas (makeFashion), Mark Mitchell(artist), Sophy Wong (artist)

To see some amazing wearable art pieces up close and in person, you can visit EMP’s World of WearableArt™ exhibit, showcasing 32 award-winning garments from New Zealand’s international design competition. Seattle Mini Maker Faire ticket holders receive discounted EMP Museum admission during the event weekend.

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