In 1817 a German aristocrat put two wheels together consecutively to create the draisine: the first vehicle purposefully built for personal transportation. This would come to be the foundation of the bicycle as we know it today.

Even after all these years, bikes continue to inspire inventors to make new and creative advances in a way that few other devices do.

Check out some of these wacky bike innovations, featured at Seattle Mini Maker Faire:

Elcano Project: Taking Vehicle Automation to Bicycles

elcanoThe self-driving car landscape will not be complete without self-driving bicycles, and the Elcano Project intends to make the technology accessible to hobbyists and students by providing open-source electronics and software.


What if you could have a bicycle, that was sort of like a car, with most of the features and few of the drawbacks? Frankentrikes–human-powered, electric-assist tricycles–are optimized for use in dense urban environments of varied terrain year-round.

Kraken Trike

The Kraken Trike is a medium scale kinetic sculpture/useful vehicle that takes on the form of a large two-front-wheeled electric tricycle. It is built from reclaimed materials including HDPE culvert, steel, and even a childhood bicycle.

Getting to Maker Faire…

You don’t need to own one of these one-of-a-kind inventions to get to Maker Faire!

EMP Museum is located at 325 5th Avenue N at Seattle Center, and is easily accessible by car, bike, numerous bus routes, and the historical Seattle Center Monorail.

Ample street parking and pay lots surround EMP and Seattle Center. A pay-to-park lot is available on the north end of the building at 5th Avenue N at Harrison Street. Designated handicapped parking spaces are available at all Seattle Center lots.

The nearest bike racks are located at 5th Avenue N and Harrison Street, and 5th Avenue N and Republican Street.

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