Sharing a love of making is at the core of the maker movement. A sense of belonging to a larger spirit of building, sharing the things they’re passionate about, and expressing themselves through the things they create is what sets any great maker apart.

A love of sharing is exactly what drives video game artist and Glowforge designer Shell Meggersee-Briggs:


For me being a maker means: Love. I don’t mind how cheesy and unhip that makes me sound, because when I see the faces of my loved ones light up, it’s all worth it. I think a personalized gift is always better than something bought from a store. Something that is handcrafted and customized from someone who knows you, will always mean more to you than something bought from a big box store. If I make something for you, it’s because I genuinely adore you. Usually, I have a strong idea in my head about what I would make someone, and then I go out and learn how to create it for them. I got my start in the custom toy scene because I wanted to sculpt my husband a Bioshock toy. I learned how to use a laser cutter so I could help my friends make their wedding invites. I took metalsmithing classes so I could make jewelry for my family. All of these random gift ideas, and inside jokes, and tokens of affection have helped me learn new skills and find the job of my dreams at Glowforge. And best of all, the people I care about, all have a little bit of my career sitting on a shelf somewhere. Something that I made, just for them. Something one of a kind.”

Hear from her and Dan Shapiro at “Laser Leathercraft, Woodwork, Jewelry—Live!” at Seattle Mini Maker Faire, where they’ll be taking audience suggestions to create jewelry, artwork, and leathercraft live—and show you how you can do it too!

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