Maker Fabienne Serriere’s (a.k.a. fbz) company, KnitYak, began as a crowdfunding project in the summer of 2015 to support her dream of creating a mathematically generated knitwear company.

Generative knitwear is the process of creating patterned knit items (KnitYak makes scarves and wraps) using software and an industrial knit machine. The algorithmically generated patterns fbz’s codes are completely unique, so every KnitYak piece is one-of-a-kind. In fact, each KnitYak scarf comes with the specific code and generating row used to make that pattern. This way customers can reorder the exact item, or they can use that information to make their own complimentary pieces on a knitting machine or by hand.

Fbz’s original crowdfunding campaign was a success with nearly 800 backers helping her reach her goal. This support allowed her to acquire an industrial knitting machine and start an on-demand textile business like no one has seen before.

Her original idea has created quite a buzz. Since its inception, KnitYak has been featured in dozens of publications like GeekWire, Scientific American, and Glamour.

In February 2016 fbz was a presenter at Music, Art & Machine Intelligence, a conference hosted by Google’s Artists and Machine Intelligence group in San Francisco. Check out fbz’s presentation on her work below.

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